Sunday, July 31, 2011

European Jaunts with Papoose

Four years ago, my son and his wife went gallivanting through Europe with Baby #1 . . .

who is now a five year-old buckaroo:

Once again,my kids are headed off to the Old World. This time with Baby #3 in tow.

Yep. This little cherub has her very own passport so she, too, can become a globe-trotter.

Beginning tomorrow, Grandma Ginger will be wrangling that little cowboy and his sister, the OTHER sister,

who has never been abroad and can whine about that fact when she gets a little older.

I'm awfully grateful that my niece Robyn will be lending me a helping hand.

She adores these little whippersnappers ALMOST as much as Grandma Ginger.


(Niece Robyn took the photo above and the Buckaroo shot. Her photography blog can be found HERE.)

Friday, July 22, 2011

About Robins . . .

This spring, I was delighted with the mommy robin bird
who chose to build a nest on the ledge outside my living room window.

(The window reflects the scene outside, but the arrow helps you get an idea of the nest location.)

Here are the baby robins. This photo was taken on the very day they left the nest and took to the skies.

There's another robin in my very own family who has also flown the nest -

When she wasn't doing high-flying trapeze acts,

she found other ways to entertain us.

So hard to wrap my mind around that fact.

Another Mind Blower: she is carrying her 4th baby girl . . .

. . . and my 7th grandDAUGHTER.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Back to Camp!

My Lovely Lassies and I returned to Camp Jeremiah - our favorite place ever!

Once again, I drove the neighbor's big ole passenger van
which brought back memories of my hauling kids around in my 15-seater van.

(I ran a child care center for twenty years. There were lots of kids to haul.)

Soon after we arrived, the girls crafted boats - some very simple, some full of artistic touches.

Here we have a little Annie Oakley in the making ~

(She was definitely the Sharp Shooter of the group.)

This novel game required balance, strength and a good aim.

If someone got pushed off their balance boards, there was a round of laughter
and the fallen player got right back up again for another GO AT IT. So resilient!

May these girls remain in childhood for a few more years.

That is my prayer.

Kelty and my granddaughter DID come back, but I didn't get any more shots.
We just gabbed our way through a dinner at the picnic table which took us past sundown.
Next morning, she caught an early flight which was a steal-of-a-deal.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Unexpected Serendipity

When returning from a family reunion in Canada - other side of the family -
my daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter had a layover in Salt Lake City.

I had tanked up the car on Sunday, preparing for a couple of hours of "connecting" with my loved ones.
However, a last-minute decision was made and Kelty and little Rella decided to stay!

(Daddy had work obligations back home, darn it all.)

The occasion merited a celebratory round of The Wheels on the Bus, performed in my very back yard!

This little Munchkin is Doggie Crazy.

How fortunate that we had TWO furry and friendly critters to keep her entertained!

Buddy - from next door - is here for a 10-day visit, much to Rella & Chica's delight.

Rella fancied the experience of crawling in and out of Buddy's cage.

There was almost room for the two of them - child and beast. Almost.

She also joined the Grandchildren's Club of C.F.F.H.
(the Chica-Feeding-From-Highchair Club.)

Here's how it went down with Rella:

1. I know I'm really cute and you adore me.

2. So, how would YOU feel if I give just a few of my Cheerios to Chica?

3. Thanks, Grandma! You're the best EVER!!!

When the dogs got tired of entertaining a 17-month old,
Rella moved on to DRESS UPS.

Ask me - what kid DOESN'T like dress ups???

Especially when there's a mirror for lengthy self appreciation.

In Rella's case, it involved KISSING her beautiful reflection, but I missed that shot. (I was laughing too hard.)

The 8 ft. living room blinds also pique her attention and I'm ever so grateful they didn't crash down on her.

And there's always the fun of splashing around in the bathtub.

"I'm fetching . . . with or without my clothes!"

This afternoon, Kelty and Rella hit the road and headed north in a bright red rental car.
They went to Idaho, with plans to visit Duane's cousin in the hospital.

They'll be back at Grandma Ginger's for a few more days after their little jaunt.
Maybe then I'll catch a decent photo of my Kelty doing something else besides The Wheels on the Bus.

Brinley, my first grandchild, had a birthday had her EIGHTH birthday today.

Time flies!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Blessing Baby Grace

On Sunday, Arian gave his little daughter her baby blessing.

Among LDS families, this is a special ordinance.

Grace Ginger was blessed at my home, with loving family surrounding her.

Her exquisite blessing gown was crafted by Grandma Kathy (below).

Doesn't Grace look like a little porcelain doll?

Great Grandma Louise (Kathy's mother) simply adores her precious progeny . . .

I love this shot with Grace's mom - below - because she looks like . . .

Hey, it was nothing. I just went and got two hips replaced and then had a baby. Not a big deal, at all!

* * * * * * * * *
were swarming the premises after the blessing.

Hauling my dog Chica around on a leash seem to be the rage.

Please notice the fact that Chica was willing participant, with a grin from ear to ear!

My dress-up box was also quite in vogue!

(Notice that Chica is wearing a dog costume.)

Adults and children alike feasted on a buffet dinner with ice cream and sorbets for dessert.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Independence Day

Why does the 4th of July parade just GET TO ME, year after year?

I can't say, exactly.

The high school marching bands are definitely part of it.

All those kids, making bold and rousing music together . . .

Then there's the gathering of family.

Siblings, cousins and second cousins. A whole new generation rising up.

This year, my brother and two of his kiddos made us proud by running the 5 K Race
which took place early, early - before the parade.

My grandson might tell you that the fire fighters were HIS favorite part of the feastivities.

Personally, I like the fact that floats aren't just about beauty queens anymore -

One never knows what will be coming down the parade route.

Could be legions of Star Wars stormtroopers and other characters from the Galactic Empire . . .


My grandson wasn't scared one bit. Thought the guy was "way cool."

Our town parade may be unique in the fact that LDS missionaries join in the procession.

Notice the hand-slapper on the right. It's a little like an enthusiastic jazz dance move . . .

Horses and parades go together.

Vaulters doing stunts of daring -

Cowboys sporting dramatic facial hair -

Displays of pure elegance -

SO GREAT to share it all with my son's family, although I couldn't help missing the far-flung kids & grands.

BTW - the darling little dresses were made by the other grandma who is just about as talented as her daughter.

* * * * * *
However, the weekend wasn't just about the parade.

There was also the annual family BBQ at Aunt Tricia's . . .

. . . with little sprouts who jumped on the tramp, ran through the sprinklers,

and cried "PLEASE won't you pull us in the wagon, Uncle Chris???

which he did, of course!

There was badminton for bigger kids,

and cozy spots for even bigger kids,

. . . and a yard big enough for lots of family to chow, romp and gab.

However, the weekend was about EVEN MORE
than the parade and the BBQ.

I'll share soon.

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