Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mountain Magic

Now is the season to picnic in the mountains
and collect the autumn colors,
storing them up against the long winter ahead.

On Thursday,
my faithful Honda transported myself, a friend, the dog and two full sacks of edibles
up to nose-bleed country at the top of Pole Canyon,
home to wild turkeys, deer, elk, black bear, cougars.

Along the way, we came across this gobbler,
who showed up with twenty of it's buddies in the bush.

Just a few minutes down the road, these three friends came hoofing by . . .

TAA DAA . . . the million-dollar view from our beloved picnic spot.

Majestic country, really.

Ms. L brought a homemade concoction she lovingly calls "Prune Whip".

(Adding chocolate improved the flavor.)

I brought marinated cucumbers with gourmet balsamic vinegar, aged for 18 years.
(Sounds weird. Tastes divine. No chocolate needed.)

Chica, La Magnifica, queen of all she sees!

After feasting on our vittles and the view,
we jumped back into the Honda and headed down a rocky backroad for more adventure.
In the shade of the pines, wild asters were growing prolifically.

Various shades of bright berries can be spotted here and there.
Can we safely eat them?
No clue.

Finally, time to turn ourselves around and head home.

The sun highlights different fall beauties and I long to hold them tight.

They are so transient.


The next evening, several of us headed to Sundance resort
for a chance to ride the ski lift as the full moon rose over the mountainside.

Now THAT was spectacular!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

In My Small-ish Kitchen

Summer 2010 is SO DONE.

Time for my Lovely Lassies to learn how to create their own after-school snacks.

In my rather small-ish kitchen,
they whipped up
fruit & yogurt parfaits,
ham, cheese & veggie tortilla rolls,

and THESE:

Apple slices lathered in peanut butter, then rolled in granola!

They are finger-lickin' good. Promise.

One adult leader with twelve lassies is NOT ideal.
So I invited moms to come.
Babes in arms showed up too - a package deal.

The gal carrying a little munchkin BELOW
reminds me of my daughter Leah with her collection babes in arms.
(Now, L has her own child with the same inclination. PROOF HERE.)

After the snacks were constructed and consumed,
the action headed to the family room where there are two large chests of dress-ups.

All of these girls are still willing to have a Wild Rumpus.

Being 'cool' has not set in.

Here's an exotic princess perusing a poster of our SUMMER CAMP.
What a million-dollar smile!

Wanna join the fun?

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Color Parade . . .

It has started.

I took the camera up the canyon this morning for PROOF.

The shot ABOVE was taken on the front side of the canyon,
where I begin my morning strolls.

There are places INSIDE the canyon where the colors are barely beginning,
as you can see above.

But it ain't gonna stay that way long, no siree bob!

(A REAL post coming on Sunday.)

Friday, September 10, 2010

6 Days with Kelty & Rella May

My daughter Kelty grabbed a way-too-cheap flight from Chicago
for a six-day trip to her Home Land - UTAH.

Miss Rella came in tow and demonstrated her resiliency
with nary a cry on either flight and a happy disposition throughout her visit,
despite being yanked from any normalcy in schedule or surroundings.

The Utah Shakespearean Festival is a family tradition
spanning the decades
and we managed to secure tickets for the last weekend of performances.

My friend Bonsey joined our merry band for this overnight trip to Southern Utah,
which included a morning at some hot springs along the Virgin River.

These springs also bring back cherished memories.

Below - exactly TEN years ago . . .

Don't you think we look better NOW verses THEN?

Can't say the same for Kelty since she was gorgeous ten years ago . . .

. . . and still is!

The BIG difference for Kelty is her SIDE KICK!

When we got back home, I had some great times with that Side Kick while Mommy took some breaks.

At first, little Rella wasn't quite sure about having big dog CHICA in her space.

However, she quickly warmed up to our furry friend.

And they even became dear PLAYMATES!

Meanwhile, Kelty headed over to the horse barn
to spend quality time with HER favorite playmates!

Thanks for coming, Kelt!

I didn't even MIND mailing back the cell phone.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Ethiopia Travel Companions Hit Utah!

Our merry band of Ethiopian travelers held a first-time reunion right here in Utah.
In fact, right here at my very home.
(Do you recognize the trees behind the back deck, kids?)

Just four months ago, we explored a completely different world TOGETHER,

experiencing life from unique angles.

Like, ABOVE, cozied into the carved-out monk dwellings in the rock walls of the ancient churches . . .

. . . or standing with our eyes at the level of the 138th floor of an Ethiopian termite high-rise condo.
(There are thousands of mounds dotting the countryside.)

What an honor to have my friends show up inTHIS part of the world!

Please come again soon.
Love, Ginger

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