Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mister K. Comes to Town

This weekend, my son drove to town to ski with his cousins.

Along for the ride, MY GRANDSON came to town to play with me.

Actually, to play with me AND my dog, Chica.

(I'm not quite sure who rates higher.)

The back of my car is a favorite 'Hang Out'
for these two buddies.

I decided that the best option for a winning weekend field trip
would be the local PET STORE.

According to store signage, Kenneth could BRING his best friend.

Chica met some interesting characters there.
More her type.
Sort of.

Eventually, Chica was getting exhausted with Kenneth's undivided
(and rather intense) attention.

Fortunately, a diversion arrived on the scene.

My goddaughter Paige and her family just moved back to Utah.
In fact, the moving truck hasn't made it yet.
I barbecued a salmon and two trout in honor of their return.

As you can see, Mr. Kenneth and Miss Brooklyn hit it off.

* * * * *

During our time together,
my grandson and I engaged in some high-powered activities
on the home front. LIKE:

Whipping up peanut butter cookies.

Playing Hide N Seek.

Making towers and knocking them down.
and again.

Good times.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Squaw Peak Reflections

A photographic abstract,
taken recently near my home
and then slightly modified with modern technology.
I wanted to share the dramatic effect
of LIGHT reflected off the canyon peak -
Actually, it looks somewhat like this on winter mornings.
Slightly different colors.

When my youngest daughter was about 9 years old,
she and 2 similarly-aged girls climbed to the top of that peak -
trekking several miles up the back side of the mountain.

I called her home for dinner (-she DID have my cell phone - )
and was told that they would NOT be home until the next morning.
Cooking their own dinner over a fire.
Outfitted with MY camping gear.

Did I miss her request for such an activity,
nodding as I focused on Other Things of Significance?
She affirmed that the permission had been granted.

Night was coming on and there are no roads leading up there.
What was a mother to do?

I phoned the parents of the other girls.
They too were clueless about this camping adventure.
However, they had so many children
and so many concerns.
It seemed that the issue rated LOW on their Concern Radar Screen.

I decided that I better play it cool.

After all, Kelty sounded HO HUM on the phone,
even with the impending darkness.

Fortunately, it was a warm evening.

And they DID survive the night,
as one can easily surmise from a recent photo of
our three outdoorsy musketeers . . .

They wouldn't have survived in the CURRENT weather conditions.
It is snowing HARD as I type.

Thank heavens that glorious springtime is around the corner
and such conditions will change.

Last week, I took this shot along the trail at the base of Squaw Peak.

The February sun warmed these rocks
and there was a bit of COLOR.

At this time of year,
we are STARVED for color.
Last winter I found it in rose hip berries and multi-colored lichen
My friend K found it with a red rocker on a yellow porch - HERE.

Aren't we all looking?

We, in the cold parts of the country.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

my grandson Kenneth, gearing up for our family's

Cookie Decorating

Without his precious mother pitching in,
there wouldn't have been all those bowls of colorful frosting.

She IS the gal who got her 2nd hip replacement,
just over a month ago.
(Don't ask me how she does it.)

We filled 3 tables with COLOSSAL cookies
and bowls of colorful goodies for decorating.

Actually, 3 tables weren't enough.
Taking turns was necessary.
My family is large.
Getting larger every month.

This is why the Party Founder
made an executive decision:
This year's event was a Swan Song.

It's time.

Maybe we move a potluck event in a park?
With a playground and a large pavilion?

But I'm looking at these 2010 photos
and thinking WOW I'm going to miss it !

I dearly love seeing the creative juices flowing
in the kids, young and old.

I am touched by the stories they tell me about their cookies.

My brother's cookie shares a simple fact:
he truly loves his wife.

We love her too.
After a year of chemo and radiation,

cookies tell about greatly anticipated events,

On the left: We're going to Paris!

On the right: Baby #6 arrived safely!

WHICH REMINDS ME: Crystal was actually HAVING a baby DURING our party and Joel, the new proud daddy, called precisely during the "Share something exciting from your life" portion of the evening, announcing the birth on SPEAKERPHONE. Well, that was indeed exciting news for the baby's many cousins and other kin. We whooped and hollered our approval.

BTW, are you starting to understand why I'm thinking a potluck in the park would be nice? We're talking exponential growth here.

* * *
most of the 60 cookies
were transformed into Artistic Creations Extraordinaire.

(Some a bit abstract.)

Awards were given to all participants
by a REAL artist - Anne!

And THAT was a job and a half. Here's a SAMPLING of the cookies ready for awards. Unfortunately, I missed quite a few creations. Like, a nephew's entire family!

While waiting for the awards,
a few nieces and nephews gather in front of the fireplace
and they TALK. Face 2 face.

Others are downstairs,
where there is a Wild Rumpus in progress.

By midnight,
the crowds have dispersed and
dear Jill + Yours Truly are throwing
the last touches on OUR cookies.

By 1 a.m.
we call it a night.

After all, we had THESE tadpoles
to face in the morning:

For them, life is ALWAYS a party!

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