Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ohio with The Fam

THIS is the Black Ridge Cabin in Hocking Hills, Ohio
where my kids, grandkids, and I
spent 6 amazing days together.

Family activities were sprinkled during our time together.
Kelty got us all to create FLAGS
representing our family unity and diversity.
Every flag was undeniably UNIQUE!

* * *

There were lots of SPONTANEOUS activities too,
like the Cup Game illustrated below . . .

First, the set-up by my granddaughters.
(Notice the LOOK of the observing child- a true clown.)

Then, a selected child, in this case my grandson Kenneth,
gets to be the Human Bowling Ball.

My son-in-law Cody would LAUNCH the child
causing them to slide at terrifically high speed
across the wooden floor . . .

. . . until they crashed into the tower of cups!

* * *

My youngest grandbabies.
Audrey and Aspen
were thrilled to get acquainted on this trip.
Good-natured little campers!

Kenneth and Avery played
and fought
and played together.
That's what TWO YEAR OLDS are all about!

Not far from the cabin was
the Rope Swing Above All Rope Swings.

The rope was so freakin' long that you could swing
way, way out there
and when you looked down,
the drop-off was dizzying.
It was better than ANY ride at Disneyland!

ABOVE: a field trip to Old Man's Cave.

Truly, we packed in SO MUCH FUN
that I'm going to have to provide you with a PART 2.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Preserving Rock Canyon

No matter the season or the weather,there is renewal and inspiration in Rock Canyon. However, this sanctuary is being threatened by a proposal to remove the rock for landscaping materials. According to plans, the front "gates" of this canyon would be irreplacable destroyed and access for hikers, bikers, etc. would be compromised by safety issues. The "Yosemite" of our community would be lost.
I have created a website to provide current information regarding this situation. It's not the world's most gorgeous website in cyberland, but it's my FIRST and it will provide you with the steps you can take to help us save Rock Canyon from being destroyed.
Go HERE . And, take a moment to do something to preserve a priceless resource to our community.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

No Doubt No Drought

This morning I opened the blinds to my bedroom windows and
THIS is the scene that greeted me.

"NO! NO! NO!" I shouted,
but that didn't change the uncomely weather.


I let the dog out the front door and it was still there.

Notice my truck with a 'loaded' hood.

And it was there, out the back window too.

No possibility of hopping up THESE stairs in my side yard.

But I DO have to say,
my tulips looked rather splendid with their white backdrop.

And the fruit blossoms looked like they'd possibly survive.

So I gathered my courage,
threw on my snow boots,
and hiked the canyon.
What else could I do on a day like today?!

I'm hoping MAY will bring an END to this ridiculous nonsense.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Indomitable Spirit

My daughter-in-law Jill came to visit this week with her two little babes. She was in Utah for an appointment with an orthopedic specialist. And here's the breaking news = she's getting a brand new ceramic hip on July 13th. She needs one. Badly.

Jill was born with hip dysplasia and went through several corrective surgeries during her early childhood. By the time she headed off to kindergarten, she was running, jumping and playing hard with other kids. No problem.

Life went on and she went to college, got married, and had babies.

Carrying those babies, teaching Zumba aerobics, running to keep up with my rather go-go son, being her own creative and energetic self
. . . all those things wore down those 'B Grade' hips. Especially the right one. Well, let's face it - those babies were probably the kicker!

Taken on Monday at my place.

But it was gonna happen someday. And she's ready to face the music. In fact, she's ready to SOAR.

I unequivocally ADORE my daughter-in-law.
She is the ABSOLUTELY PERFECT companion for my son.

Taken five years ago, when they graduated from BYU together.

And she simply couldn't be a better mother for my grandkids.

With her INDOMITABLE SPIRIT, she's sail through her challenges ahead.


I've put in my bid
Grandma Time

with Mr. Kenneth
during the recovery phase.


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