Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hawaii - Part 2


Should I wear this accessory to compliment my swim suit 
. . . and demonstrate due caution?

I'll consider that ~ next time.

Moving on.

There are really cool waterfalls on the Big Island.


There are also really cool (and friendly) Hawaiian people.  
I was wearing my post-snorkeling hair-do plus a wet dress due to a wet swimsuit. Ah, well.

While my friends were shopping,
I was "Talking Story" with this affable guy - above.

  On the islands, an informal conversation is known as ‘talk story’ where you slow down 

and take time to share ideas, stories, and opinions with the people around you.  

 The Big Island is volcanic 

and there's plenty of lava to prove it.


  Wave after wave, the ocean has slowly rounded the lava rocks til they look like giant pebbles.

  You can see the true power of the waves in this little video clip I made:

Ya never know when one of those waves will come out and ATTACK YOU.

However, the waters were always placid at our place.

Okay.  It wasn't exactly 'our place'.  We were just house-sitting.
Unfortunately, I didn't get a good shot of the house itself . . . just the pool, the gazebo and the magnificent view.
Inside, it was CLASSY.
However, you had to get used to the fact that geckos could drop into your lap from the ceiling.
 Yes.  It happened.  

Here's my favorite beach @ 10 a.m. on my 14th and last morning in Hawaii.

Nancy didn't 'need' a last round of snorkeling, but I did.

The beach and the waters beyond were mine, and mine alone.
In those waters, you can find the friendliest turtles ever!
(Refer to my earlier post on Hawaii to see one of them.)

Parting Shot:
One of my most favorite-ever experiences . . .

Getting LEI-ED in the Aloha State.

A big SHOUT OUT to Nancy, Shelly 
and most especially Karen 
for making this incredible Hawaii experience possible!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Degree in Hand

My son, Arian, officially finished his graduate studies at Oxford yesterday morning,
when he turned in his very last paper.

The ceremony took place three weeks ago, although papers didn't have to be completed til this Monday.
The keynote address at his graduation was given by none other than his beloved cousin Kenny.

Twelve years ago, Kenny also completed an MBA at Oxford. 

 Since then, he's become a father of five and a successful entrepreneur.  

More than that, he's simply a really nice chap . . . ever so likable.

Hats off to Jill, his wife, who has support Arian 200% during this round of academics.

Oxford's Executive MBA students have been lodged at "The Randolf".

Arian brought his son to spend an evening with him at the during his last official week there.

Little Kenneth LOVED IT!

Let me just say, it's not your average college dormitory. 

Well, Oxford hasn't been an average education and Arian has truly benefited from his his experience there. 
Looks like his family is going to be staying on the other side of the pond.

Now he has switched hats and he's doing a job as the "Business Development Officer"
for a company which brokerages patented technologies to corporations on the London stock exchange. 
If you don't quite get that, you're not alone!

My daughter Leah recently returned from visiting Arian and Jill.

Her Oxfordshire experience is posted HERE.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Gecko Land

At the moment, I'm in Gecko Land, also know as the Big Island of Hawaii,

The geckos like to hide behind the picture frames - inside the house.

With friends, I'm housesitting at a remarkable home in Kona.

(Somebody has to do it.)

Here we are, hiking out to a beach, hauling our lounge chairs.

Nancy is carrying two.  She's my sherpa.

I snorkeled for longer than I thought possible.

The tropical fish and this (BELOW) reptilian friend motivated me to keep paddling.

He was swimming close enough to touch, but wouldn't properly pose for the camera.

Good enough!

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