Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas & Aerobeds!

With SIXTEEN bodies occupying space in our humble abode over the holidays, I was absolutely grateful for Aerobeds. They were wall-to-wall in the family room, spilling over into the living room and office, stacked a mile high during daytime hours.

Here's the line-up.
Kids, grandkids, godchildren and assorted mates!

There were LOTS of group hugs
with piles of loving folks.

and long chats around the fireplace
with foot rubs galore . . .

and sometimes silliness prevailed . . .

Kelty started off Christmas day with a BANG
as she jumped off the top of the hot tub
and into a cluster of snow-ladened bushes.

With THAT many people around the Christmas tree,
there were a slew of presents to open.

And we most definitely had terrific time of it.

Well, maybe occasionally
there was a little STRESS
in our bulging household.

Here is my grandson
retreating to the safety
of his
beloved blankie . . .

Quite frankly, I'd do it all over again,
mega-cooking orgies and all,

I unequivocally ADORE
these people.
A concentrated mass
only made the holidays sweeter.

(Part 2 coming soon.)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow Arrived

My canyon was decorated with the Glorious White Stuff during the night and I "broke trail" during today's hike with the dog. A decent work-out!

Good thing they replaced my kitchen skylight last Friday. It had a sizable crack up the side and I was thrilled that the new one went into place just before the storms.

Lifting off the old skylight . . .

Looking up to the unobstructed heavens,
from my kitchen stool . . .

Setting the new one into place . . .

Also, this week brought a visitor from Texas - another spinal surgery survivor who I met on the National Scoliosis Forum. Kelty invited her to the barn on Monday and we both rode horses. No cantering, Dr. Boachie. I promise!

Thank you, Kelty
for making it a memorable experience
and a post-susrgery "First"!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

In this home,

. . . my daughter Leah and her husband Cody
along with their three little girls -
Brinley and Avery

and little baby Aspen.

Just got back from a week among these people I love. Did far more than I ever thought possible, considering my mega-surgery in May. It would be fair to say I've evolved into the typical doting grandma.

Leah fondly remembers all the FUN STUFF we did in her childhood and has duplicated several of our traditional amusements. On Sunday we whipped up a whopping batch of chocolate pudding together and then plopped it into the bathtub with the girls. Giggles and silliness prevailed!

Brinley is now in full-day kindergarten. I surprised her at school one day and we ate lunch together

Avery has inherited my smile
and she charms me with her grins.

Yes. It was cold there.
Snowy too.
When Cody was clearing the sidewalks,
the girls jumped onto his snow shovel and got a ride.
And another one.
And another one.

On Monday evening, we made gingerbread houses. Brinley was intent on her creation while Avery was intent on the colorful candies.

On my last day in Ohio, baby Aspen had a surgery and casting to correct her club foot. Here's a shot of Leah and the babe with the medical tech after the procedure was completed.

I'm already missing this family of five and it was terribly hard to leave them bawling at the airport. Tears were streaming down the face of my daughter and my granddaughters as I gathered my luggage and said my goodbyes. Apparently my 2-year-old Avery was screaming "GRANDMA, DON'T YOU LEAVE ME!!!" as I walked off.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving & More

Lots of DOINGS over the Thanksgiving holidays. Guests at Ginger's Bed & Breakfast included . . .

Dana (godchild) & Glen Rusche
Brooke (another godchild) & Mike Lowrey
Arian & Jill along with their little ones,
Kenneth & Audrey

Kelty slept at her own place, but hung out here with the gang. (Her husband Duane spent the weekend on a quest to connect with long-lost relatives in Quebec, Canada.)

We started the holidays with an energizing evening at the Kangaroo Zoo. Adults as well as kids bounced around on the mega-sized blow-up toys.

Below - my kids, grandkids, and two goddaughters

The next day, everyone trooped off to ride horse with Kelty at the indoor arena where she teaches. Here's a dear shot with my daughter and son

And, taa daa, here's TITAN JR. - Kelty's new dressage horse

We all met over at Arian's new enterprise "Cafe Fresh" - a restaurant located in Orem that serves a wide variety of healthy meals. There are three owners and Arian is the "silent" partner.

Thanksgiving was a small affair this year with ten of us (including the grandkids) - just the right size for this gal who hasn't fully gotten her energy back after May's spinal reconstruction.

Here's the way it use to be.

And the above photo shows only the SIDE table, not the head table.
We really packed 'em in!

Here's our gathering for 2008 . . .

With my low energy reserves, it's a good thing my kids (pictured below) and goddaughters stepped up to the plate and made things HAPPEN!

The weekend ended with my granddaughter Audrey's baby blessing on Sunday. The OTHER grandma (pictured below in a 4-generation shot) sewed her drop-dead gorgeous dress for the occasion.

Little Audrey charmed us all!

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