Saturday, March 31, 2012

Out in Africa

I've been gadding about in Morocco and Tunisia.

Yesterday, we traveled along the border between Libya and Tunisia,
as we headed towards the Sahara.

Yes, I rode a camel.

My spine did not like it very much, but I liked it A LOT!
(A photo of ME + Camel coming later.)

Some Berbers are nomadic and live in tents. Others live in caves.

The woman at my side is a cave-dweller, although there were tent dwellers in the same area.

Can't you just tell how dear this woman is by looking at her face?

So much can be communicated with a photo.

BTW, this woman also makes incredibly delicious flatbread which she shared as a gift.

The mosques of North Africa are not ornate, but the carpets on the floor are spectacular.

A young woman and an older gentleman at the mosque.
Daughter and father?
Granddaughter and grandfather?

This is my travel mate - 'Bert'.
She may be almost 30 years older than me, but her heart is young.
She's got the spirit of an adventurer.

Olives from Libya.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I'm on the Portuguese Island of Madiera.
It's waaaay out in the Atlantic.
The internet connection is close to impossible.

I can't even change the arbitrary order of photos.

So, here you have it.

The men of Madiera love playing dominoes when they aren't out in their fishing vessels.

The women do lots of laundry. By hand, mind you.
The dogs do lots of laying around.
What's this man cutting?
Salted fish which dries in the sun after being caught.
I arrived in Madiera after eight days at sea.
In two days, I'll be on the European continent.
I like sailing. A lot. It's sort of like being gently rocked in a cradle.
Well, except when the ocean is rough.
Then it's TONS of FUN.
Just have to say, I've met some fabulous travelers on this trip.
Many sail around the world year round.
When you're 'at sea' people have time to tell their stories. It's GRAND!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Gypsy Feet

Dear Friends -

I'm leaving in TWO minutes for a TWO month trip. THANK YOU Anne, Ray, and Vic for keeping the home fires burning.

The following photos represent some of the stops along my journey. Be patient and I'll update you in a week or so.

In my heart, I'm a gypsy!

Love, Ginger

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Goddaughter & Other Lassies

My goddaughter Vic has a new boyfriend - Dr. Micheal.

On Sunday, I cooked a turkey in the early morning, attended church, then drove to Logan to meet this fellar.
The turkey rode along with me. The fragrance of that roasted bird whetted my appetite, I tell you.

Dr. Micheal is a good man. My hearty approval was given.

Yesterday, my lovely lassies crowded into my living room.

It's hard to believe that ALL these merry maidens live within two blocks of my home.

Do you see how hands are raised?

The younger gals were interviewing the older gals
and I was able to sit behind them and see them manage the activity cooperatively.
Being polite is something I try to emphasize.

I think they're getting it.

After the interviews, I let the older girls hide Easter eggs for the younger ones.

It's a wee bit early for Easter celebrations, but the weather beckoned us out of doors.

They split the booty after the eggs were found.

Notice there are still patches of snow, but the day was warm enough to skip jackets.

Through a 'calling' at my church, I've been working with these girls for three years.
Sometimes, they just show up for spontaneous visits.

I love the freshness they bring into my life.

After the wild rumpus, I sent them back into the house to grab their backpacks and walk home.

All but one gathered up on the balcony to wave goodbye.

Another shot was in order and they complied with style!

It wasn't so long ago, my own kids were standing on this same balcony,
waving at me below as I snapped a shot.

Or, I should say, it doesn't SEEM that long ago.

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