Thursday, May 28, 2009

A 'Guardian' No More

This is an accurate representation of the way Victoria was feeling yesterday.
Sick, sick, sick!
She claims that her hours of languishing in our backyard
had a major curative effect.

Which was very timely.

Since, TODAY Vic graduated from high school!!!

And my legal guardianship is officially over.

But my place as 'Godmother' will remain

Thanks, my dear Vic,
for two fabulous years with nary a quarrel between us.
You've certainly added a healthy dose of SUNSHINE
into my little world.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Today's My Anniversary!

A year ago TODAY, I was face-down on an operating table in downtown Manhattan.

Dr. Ohenaba Boachie-Adjei, the world's foremost scoliosis surgeon, was standing over me, reconstructing my spine, top to bottom.

Nineteen hours later,

I awoke.

TWO inches taller,

and a whole lot straighter.

Even if I did become

rather unusual on the inside.

I don't remember much about the following eleven days in the hospital, but I do remember the reassurance of having my children by my side.

(The shot below was taken with Kelty in my very own hospital room which was absolutely ENORMOUS!)

I also remember my compulsive desire to

walk, walk, walk

the orthopedic floor until my surgeon said

"Stop walking so much.
Your body needs to rest."

Here I am, walking alongside my very favorite nurse, Maxine.

* * *

Recently I returned to New York City for my first-year appointment with Dr. Boachie.

Shuttered a bit as I walked up to the Hospital for Special Surgery, pictured in this sunset photo - foreground, left.

My surgeon's staff greeted me as the Woman-with-the-Blog. (Not this blog, but one about my recovery - The Only Way Is Up.)

Dr. Boachie gave me the once-over and a thumbs-up with a warning to slow down since I'm not fully out of recovery until the end of my second year. Hmmmm.

What an AMAZING journey I've taken
during the last 365 days
since my favoritist surgeon from Ghana, Africa
tore me apart and put back together!

I've been given a second chance at life.

That's a gift beyond measure

and I don't take it lightly.


made the front page of the Daily Herald
after we held a big letter-writing, survey-taking event
in the canyon on Saturday.

(Moment of fame. Too bad it's a crummy side shot.)

POINT IS . . .

I fully intend to really USE this life of mine
for a few good causes.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Part Two - Ohio Tripping

The kids, grandkids and I did some peachy "day-tripping" while we home-based at the cabin in Hocking Hills. I think our entire family was surprised to discover that the Midwest is NOT just cornfields! For example, the Old Man's Cave Park consists of windy trails alongside a cascading river and some unique rock formations.

There were places to crawl . . .

and to SPLASH . . .

and to SCAMPER . . .

and to generally UNWIND.

* * *

There was also the fieldtrip to Logan Lake
where we rented a big ole pontoon boat.

Here's a shot of the crowd at the BACK of the boat.

At one point, we spotted a dock with a beach
- twas idyllic for picnicking and taking a dip in the water.

Except we weren't exactly brilliant at boat docking.

By now, the five grandbabies are more than ready to disembark.
So Duane, my Fix-it son-in-law, took matters into his hands
and heaved the boat with it's eleven passengers over to the dock.

The little girls took great pleasure at making sand creations on the beach . . .

. . . while my grandson did THIS sort of activity.

Eventually, Kelty got them all into the water.
That gal kept the fun times rolling for the preschool crowd!

STEERING the boat
was definitely a highlight of our day at Logan Lake.

* * *

Back at the cabin,
there was more than enough to do.

Games to play.

Meals worth relishing.

Chances to be Kissin' Kousins

A hot tub for relaxing.

Oh. And a business to start.

That's right. Arian and Duane were mastermind-ing
a business that will back-up blogs.
Of course, we ALL had to throw in some ideas
and hang around the computer to watch these geniuses
in the entrepreneurial 'flow'.

* * *

While hiking near the cabin, we discovered THE PERFECT fire pit.

On our first visit, we just IMAGINED the blazing flames.

The next day, we went for the REAL THING!

Toasting marshmallows over a fire
puts children
into a rare meditative state.

Our reunion calendaring was fortuitous,
because we were able to celebrate my son's 30th birthday.

We partied with a HATS OFF to Arian Night.

Here we are with the HATS
created to honor the event.

* * *

Probably the best thing about this trip -

That meant, we could kick back
and be our own goofy selves!

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