Sunday, March 28, 2010


I just ran across this hilarious and rather horrible photo.
It made me think about sisters.

My sister is standing in the middle with glasses.
Eyes closed.

I'm wearing red tennis shoes on the right.
Eyes closed.

My sister was (and continues to be) 2 years older than me.

She was the TALLEST in her class.
I was the RUNT.

I'm still shorter than my sib, but not by a lot.
After all, I gained TWO INCHES when my spine was straightened in 2008.

Soooo, the height discrepency is negligible, at this point in time.

At age twelve when this photo was taken,
it was tough to be such a pip-squeak.

Wish I could go back and tell that shrimpy girl about her future . . .

"You'll grow . . . I promise!"

"Three amazing children will spring forth from your LITTLE body."

"Life will afford you thrilling surprises, one after another."

Well, I suppose I might not have believed it.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Treasured Things

In my home, there's always been an assortment of dress ups.
It seems like ALL children love the chance to become someone else.
Someone WILDLY different!

I totally love seeing children TRANSFORM as they adorn themselves
with treasures enjoyed by my own children long ago.

These girls come to my home for something called 'Activity Days'.
(It's a program of the L.D.S. Church.)
We always manage to have a splendid time together.

Spring beckoned us outside
and we wound up drinking St. Paddy's Day punch
and munching on chips and salsa

When I say OLD, I really mean it.
20 years, more or less.

Every spring, my son repainted it.
Then, we'd enjoy a season full of outdoor meals.

In fact, TODAY my goddaughter and I ate Sunday dinner there
with a friend . . . who is camera-shy.

So great to have Vic back on the home front!

I fired up the grill and barbecued shrimp
in honor of her Spring Break.

We dined until we were completely stuffed.

Then our beloved picnic table seat GAVE WAY
and my friend & I nearly fell on the ground!

Dry rot.

Every Spring, my son would tell me it was time to get a new picnic table.
Well, I now agree with him.

It's time.

I'll miss my dear old redwood picnic table.
It's 'been there' through many seasons of my life.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Eclectic Breakfast

What you see in this photo is my FAVORITE breakfast.
It's a wee bit unusual, but ever so scrumptious.

First, I pull out some yogurt from the fridge . . .

Brown Cow tastes the best.
Mountain High is strong in the probiotics department.
I mix the two and add:

Blueberries are my favorite.
Sometimes I also add other kinds of fruit.

Then, I top the yogurt and fruit with toasted nuts.

Slivered almonds are my favorite, but this morning I used pecans.
5 minutes in the toaster oven @ 350 degrees and they're ready.
That nutty aroma whets my appetite.

While the nuts are toasting I pull out my tortillas
and cut them in fourths.
(I am not exactly a big eater.)

I toast my tortilla in a fry pan on the stove top. (No oil)

Then I spread some hummus on top.
(A BIG container from Costco.)

Finally, I sprinkle sprouts over the hummus:

Sprouting beans & seeds takes 2 - 3 days.
You can store your 'crop' in the frig for two weeks.

This combo includes:
adzuki deans, fenugreek, lentils, green peas, mung beans, wheat.
It's called "Pro-Vita-Mix" available online or in most health food stores.

I love the CRUNCH!

For a warm morning brew,
I use Kukicha tea which is actually made from TWIGS!!!

(It's very EARTHY.)

This morning meal makes me feel that I'm a part of a larger WORLD!

JAPANESE herbal tea.

MEXICAN tortilla,



And, OH, it all tastes GOOD.

Background music adds additional flavor.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

March Snowfall


Last weekend, my son said,
"Mom, I can smell SPRING in the air."

I smelled it too.

It was a SURE SIGN
that there would be another snowstorm around the corner.

And my dog would have to dig through a blanket of white stuff
to find anything worthy of interest.

During storms like these,
the canyon is full of mystery and splendor.

This year, I'm patient with this extended winter.

Even under current circumstances,
I see the signs that SPRING will eventually arrive.

the crimson resiny sap on the tips of the Cottonwood leaf buds.

This sticky stuff is quite fragrant - both sweet and earthy.
The Native Americans used it for teas
(sore throats & lung issues)
and as a salve
(rheumatism, wounds, inflammation).

I use it for photography
and reassurance that spring will undoubtedly arrive.


Last shot taken from the top of my driveway with a telephoto lens.
The other ones - in the canyon near my Utah home,
during the first week of March 2010.

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