Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bright Spots

This is how snow looks after a few days of being on the ground.

Beautiful, really.

I'm trying to look on the bright side.

I haven't escaped the cold as I've done in other years . . . HERE and HERE.

I've been toughing it out.

It really helps when cheerful girls in the neighborhood knock at my door and say,

"Can we dig out your truck for you?"

"Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!"

My driveway is on a hill with mostly tall bushes on either sides.

Finding a place to dump the snow is always an issue.

The girls were valiantly carrying shovels loaded with snow to the far side of the driveway
and hefting it up and over some bushes that weren't as tall as the ones by the truck.

They worked for two long hours.  Willingly.

"Can we please come back tomorrow?"

Bless their hearts!

I'm grateful for their kindness . . . and the fact that the truck started right up.

Winter begs for bright spots.

Little Rella's 3rd birthday certainly fit the bill.

Grandma Ginger gave her a celebratory hat which she thought was magnificent.

Okay.  Magnificent may not be in her vocabulary, but the expression says it all.

I also gave her three boxes of sparklers.

Another hit!

Life is sooooo amazing when you turn three.

Truly, life can be amazing, even when you're sixty.  Just gotta watch for those golden moments.

Outside the living room window @ 5:32 p.m.


Kelty said...

Awwwwhhhh! These pictures of Rella's Birthday are beautiful! And the snow, that is beautiful too. I it seems appropriate that you have little "snow elves" helping you out, considering all the ways in which you give to those around you, because some of that goodness is bound to make a full circle :) Thanks for these incredible pictures of Rella, I am going to keep these in our memory storage. it was so nice to have "grama ginger" there.

Rachel said...

That birthday hat IS magnificent. As magnificent as those young ladies helping you dig out your truck. What angels. Blessings to them and to you as we wait for spring!

Leah said...

Wow, wow, wow. Your pictures are simply beautiful! I can't believe how much snow you have had there this winter. I am so grateful that you are living among such salt of the earth people there. It's honestly a very special place where you live. Unlike any other place we have come across.

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