Thursday, January 17, 2013

Siberian Winter in Utah

It's awfully cold here.

Maybe it's not quite Siberia, but it's unquestionably colder than my freezer in the garage.

The roofs in town are adorned icicles, including my own.

Good thing I have an electric melting wire in my gutter or else I'd have Monster Icicles stretching all the way to the ground.
(They used to do that before I got the warming wire.)

As it stands, they are simply hanging artistic touches which provide me great joy.

I do wish I had remembered to fold up the picnic table before winter took over!

I believe it's industrial grade.  Well, I hope so anyhow.

Timpanogos from the top of the driveway.

Notice the clouds clinging to the mountain?  Happens a lot, here in the Rockies.

My kids learned to ski on that very same mountain at Sundance Ski Resort.

At least once a year, I'd even break away from work and go skiing with them.

ARIAN and GINGER in 1996

In fact, my daughter and her husband were skiing in Colorado
just last week
while he was attending a radiology conference.

My kids also loved a winter hobby nicknamed 'bizzing'.   It requires really low temperatures and lots of snow.

I would tie a long rope around the back bumper of my car and knot the other end to a sled.

I'd gun the engine and send them whipping around the corners of the church parking lot.  

Around and around and around we'd go!

Oh how they loved it!

Now-a-days, I put on my Sorels :

and a pair of Yaktrax on the soles of the Sorels  :

Then I tromp through the snow, experiencing the winter magic at close range and in slow motion.

Can you see how much snow each delicate wild oak branch can hold?

BELOW you can see the larger effect on a gamble oak - Utah's native species.

I took this shot from my front porch. My garage is in the lower left-hand corner of the photo.  

I often wear my Sorels with Yaktrax just to walk up the driveway and pick up the mail!

However, they are a real necessity to hike the canyon during the winter months.

This shot was taken near the trail head where a bridge was installed to span the riverbed.

Here's Ms. Chica on the front side of the mountain, with a view across the valley. 

Some mornings I wake up, glance at the outside thermometer,
and crave a bit of this:

Ginger - Age 9 at a beach in California.

Patience.  My time will come.

Right now, I get to enjoy what I've got.

This, for example:

Wild rosehips peeking through the snow in the canyon.

Quite lovely.


Rachel said...

I am always amazed at how much snow little tiny branches can hold. Such a heavy burden! A beautiful burden. I'm sure there is a life's lesson here. I'll let Kristen find it.

I'll just sit here and revel in your beautiful photos of our freezing igloo world

K said...

And I am behind again. I think I'm going to have to accept that as the way I handle life. Funny that Rachel sees the metaphor in the tiny branches, their searingly lovely fruit and the burden of the white, pure snow. Ironic, since all of this works very well as a metaphor for her - and for you.

I am cross and hard to get along with these days. I think it's the cold. Our little stove is mighty in reasonable temps, but the house is echoing with the cold these days, and I don't want to do anything but sleep. Impatient. Touchy. Not fun to be with. Too long, this is - too much of Siberia. On the one day when the temp rose high enough to melt the ice in the trough, my heart sang. But it didn't last long. I will not go with Guy into the canyons - the cold is terrible for me, and I do not enjoy any part of it. Not even the beauty beyond it.

Leah said...

All the winter shots are amazing. Love seeing the good 'ole day pictures. I will have to show Brinley the one of you at her age.

victoria said...

Great goggles Arian!!! :)

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