Thursday, February 5, 2009

You Better Belize It!

Just returned from 10 fabulous days in
B*E*L*I*Z*E !
I exchanged flyer miles for tickets after missing a $75 airfare deal
and scouted out the cheapest corner in this little country,
a small island named Caye Caulker
. . . a great place for backpackers & budget travelers.

Kelty, my youngest daughter, was First Mate
on this adventure.

En route, we flew over lots of little uninhabited islands like this one.
(Photo taken from the plane window.)

Then we arrived at the bustling Caye Caulker airport.

If you look closely at the sign on the building,
it says Tropic Air.
This IS the airport, I promise.

Our room looked out to the sea,
where we could soak up a dozen different shades of blue.

And there was a dock right in front of our 'pad'.
(This shot was taken by Kelty.)

On our first day,
my daughter decided to have her hair braided in cornrows,
just like the natives on the island.

She added a sea-blue scarf
and had an instantly manageable hairdo!

There was spectacular (and affordable) seafood on the island.
Lobster was our all-time favorite. (Naturally!)
The Belizeans cooked the seafood on BBQ grills set up along the beach.

Below - my favorite chicken taco stand.
The tacos were $1 each and very savory.

There are no cars on Caye Caulker.
Bikes are the major mode of transportation.

Even the "Dollar Store" moves around on a bicycle!

Homes are built up high,
to prevent flooding from hurricanes.

Most are very modest (like the one above) but not all.

About half of the Belizeans are from African descent.

And rest are Mayan or Meso-American.

I became fast friends with this little babe (ABOVE)
along with her very young mom.

This preschooler was playing with a collection of little fish
- not quite dead -
just like American kids play with plastic dinosaurs.
Guess ya use what ya got!

* * *

what did we do on Caye Caulker, besides EAT & BIKE?
Part Two Coming Soon!


K said...

Ginger - these pictures are GORGEOUS. And my soul is just drinking in those blues. Though I have to admit, I kept thinking, "What if there's a tsunami?" You always find the swellest places, and I bet you'd made friends with everybody on the island before you left. Keltie is beautiful. I guess she got it from you.

Leah Young said...

Oh my gosh Mom, these pictures are so incredible! How old was that little mommy? She looked about 12! I had no idea there were no cars on the island. The picture of the airport was hiliarious. Thanks!PS- Avery and Aspen have croupe.

Jill Lewis said...

Wow! Great pictures and great journaling! It looks like you had a great time! What a beautiful culture to visit! I love your bikes, and I love Kelty's braids! I'm so glad you were able to do this together. So wonderful!

Kristine said...

So beautiful!

Kerri said...

I know who I'll be calling next time we want to plan an exotic trip. You know how to live it up! I'm glad you were able to enjoy a wonderful trip with Kelty.

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